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Launch your premium tutoring academy with Crimson Education.

Own a Crimson Academies in your Neighbourhood

Crimson Academies tutor children from Year 1 to 12 in an interactive, personalised learning environment. Join a business network that is rapidly expanding on the back of exceptional results. Our successful Crimson Academies are dedicated to ensuring children receive high quality tutoring support and extra-curricular coaching courses from Kindergarten to Year 12.

+ Invest in a fast-growing Industry in Australia worth $1.25 billion and make a difference to local children’s education success.



The private tutoring market in Australia is growing by 4.1 per cent a year



Globally, the private tutoring market is projected to exceed $227 billion by 2022


What does Crimson Academies offer franchisees?

The demand for quality after-school tutoring is booming. You can capitalise on this demand through owning your own Crimson Academies centre. Along with the satisfaction of helping students achieve their academic potential and watching your student roll increase, you will also enjoy amazingly steady profits.

+ Finding a exclusive territory

Help you select your territory and the right venue. IT is in Crimson Academies' best interests to offer franchisees a territory that can demographically support a Crimson Academies centre.


+ Premises setup

Support with your initial centre set up, including advice on fit-out and design. We will help you find a building that is best suited for a Crimson Academies centre and provide advice about signage and interior/exterior designs.

+ Training and support

Our intensive training programme covers all aspects of starting up and sustaining a successful Crimson Academies centre. You will receive four weeks of comprehensive training to ensure that you are well equipped to deal with the day to day operations of an excellent centre. Ongoing training is also provided to ensure that quality is maintained.

+ Teaching resources

Supply of carefully researched teaching resources that have been put together by the resource management team at Crimson Academies HQ.

+ Finding Teachers

Assistance with hiring tutors from your local network of schools

+ Marketing

Implementation of marketing plans to increase your student roll. crimson Academies receives marketing support from Crimson Education who provide comprehensive support with targeted marketing plans for all student demographics. We will also provide you with advice regrading local area marketing plans, such as identifying promising local advertising opportunities. 

What does Crimson Academies offer students?

lesson plan.png

Unique Lesson Plan

Designed by school teachers to ensure they are in line with the AU curriculum

small classes.png

Small Class Size

Students receive a significant amount of individual attention each lesson

teaching excellence.png

Teaching Excellence

Teachers are highly qualified and experience from local schools

term test.png

Term Test & Report

Students receive an end of term report to demonstrate overall development

free lessons.png

FREE Assessment

Highlight each student's strengths and weaknesses

admissions support.png

Admission Support

Expert consultants help students with university admissions

Our Courses


+ Pre-school/ Primary (Y0-Y2)

English / Maths

+ Primary/ Intermediate (Y3-Y6)

English / Maths / Science / Reading / Writing​

+ Secondary School (Y7 - Y12)

English / Maths / Science / Reading / Writing / Social Study​

+ Special Courses

Computer Science / Speech & Debating​

+ English Intensive


+ Test Preparation Courses


+ Languages

Chinese / Korean / Japanese / Spanish / French / German​

Hear from Crimson CEO, Jamie Beaton


We are looking for like-minded people

with a passion for education, proven business acumen and an entrepreneurial mind, win a desire to make a difference for local children and their families.

Jamie Beaton

Co-Founder & CEO of Crimson Education

Information Pack

For more information about Franchise opportunities download our information pack


The Benefits of Opening your Crimson Academies


As a Crimson Academies franchisee, you will:

+ Receive initial centre set-up support, including choosing the location
+ Intensive two-week training course and ongoing in-centre support
+ Access teaching resources we know achieve results
+ Receive help hiring tutors from local schools and universities
+ Be guided with marketing strategy and planning
+ Be part of a successful, rapidly growing brand and share in our experience
+ Join a growing tutoring network offering differentiated education services
+ Enjoy a flexible work schedule that gives you more time with family
+ Watch your return on investment rise steadily


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